STRALIS NP: A FULL NATURAL GAS RANGE Stralis NP is the only full range of Natural Gas heavy trucks designed and engineered to cover virtually all on-road and light off-road missions such as construction logistics. With a range autonomy of up to 1,600 km, it delivers the power, comfort, transmission technology and fuel autonomy to suit regional and long-distance haulage missions. EFFICIENCY WITHOUT COMPROMISE IN EVERY MISSION & UNLIMITED SUSTAINABILITY BEST-IN-CLASS POWER: CURSOR 9 and CURSOR 13 NATURAL GAS ENGINES The CURSOR 9 Euro 6 engine, with its 8.7-litre displacement, and CURSOR 13 with a 12.9-litre displacement, enhanced combustion process and optimized weight, offers the best fuel-efficiency in long haul missions. Its gas injectors, fuel rail and pistons have been designed to deliver the highest power output and torque. The longitudinal 3-way catalyst contributes to compliance with stringent emission limits, while ensuring low noise levels, and leaving enough space to increase fuel tank capacity. BEST-IN-CLASS FUEL AUTONOMY: ENGINEERED FLEXIBILITY LNG-only, CNG-only, LNG + CNG combinations of tanks in a variety of sizes and shapes: you can choose the tanks and chassis layout that match the precise requirements of your mission. THOROUGH INSPECTION AND DETAILED CHECKS Our vehicles undergo a series of checks and inspections following a set procedure before they are put out on the market. So, even though our vehicles are pre-owned, our customers can be sure to receive vehicles, that are not only reliable, but in perfect condition. Regarding the vehicle gas supply systems we certify that they have been inspected in compliance with local law. FROM OLD TO NEW For all upgrades on vehicles we only use IVECO original parts and components. That way we can be sure, that the vehicle is as close to its original state as possible and will have a long second life. SAME BENEFITS AS FOR A NEW VEHICLE Our offer includes additional services, such a warranty valid in all Europe, assistance services for drivers and trucks, enhanced connectivity and leasing and financing solutions. A professional team supports our customers on the choice of the most suitable second-hand vehicle according to their business application to get the best value for money. IVECO GAS STATION Plan your next trip



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