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Others TL 8845 Anhnger

1st registration 01.06.2013
Location Germany
Price net 10,800 EUR
Order number Tieflader Wörman

Schmitz Cargobu RIMORCHIO

1st registration 22.11.2006
Location Italy
Price net 6,000 EUR
Order number 00134858


1st registration 03.11.2003
Location Italy
Price net 7,000 EUR
Order number 00147984


1st registration 22.06.2005
Location Italy
Price net 47,000 EUR
Order number 00183825


1st registration 06.08.2009
Location Italy
Price net 16,000 EUR
Order number 00171130


1st registration 17.02.2004
Location Italy
Price net 13,000 EUR
Order number 00166148


1st registration 21.10.2011
Location Italy
Price net 8,000 EUR
Order number 00201169


1st registration 25.07.2016
Location Italy
Price net 33,000 EUR
Order number 00202081


1st registration 03.11.2003
Location Italy
Price net 17,000 EUR
Order number 00201429


1st registration 17.02.2015
Location Italy
Price net 23,000 EUR
Order number 00200894

Piacenza Rimorc PIACENZA - BIGA

1st registration 17.07.2003
Location Italy
Price net 10,000 EUR
Order number KUF2126378

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